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Conflict between Windows Defender Firewall and Docker Desktop on Windows 10

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to run a project based on Docker Desktop (hosted on Windows 10) with Windows Containers, but part of the container traffic (some UDP requests) are blocked by Windows Defender.
After discussion with our Firewall admin is seems that Docker is using the Public profile and not the private or domain profiles.
I checked on internet to find a workaround but no luck… Can you let me know if there is a way to change this kind of settings in a Windows based environment ? I tried to play with network settings in my compose file but Windows seems really more limited than Linux…
if there is no way to change this kind of setup, do we have a way to force the IP/port used by each container to limit the security impacts on our side? I put the latest network settings used in my test below.
Thanks a lot for your support.

    driver_opts: "false"     
      driver: default
      - subnet: