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Connecting Linux container to Windows network share

Greetings folks,

 I'm still really new to docker, and in general have limited linux experience, so forgive me.  

 I'm having issues getting a linux docker container to connect to a windows network share.  It just acts like it cannot see the share.  when i try to mount the share to a local folder in the container via kitematic i must use the UNC name of the share.  If i try mounting the share as a mapped drive, or as a symbolic link on the system i get the prompt to share the drive, then the container crashes.  using the unc it appears to mount, but nothing happens and according to the container, the directory looks empty.  I have tried installing cifs-utils and key-utils and manually mounting the drive, but i get the error "Unable to find suitable address.  I've even tried adding a macvlan with a static IP to the container and it made no difference.  I can get the container to work correctly with a local directory on the host just fine, but that wont work for what i need.  Any ideas?

for a bit of context. Im running lancache-monolithic, lancache-dns, and sni proxy in docker. I have a DFS share set up to replicate the cached content, and have a NFS cluster set up to load balance the traffic. It’s this nfs/dfs share im trying to mount to the lancache-monolithic container.