Containerizing .exe App

Hello people,

I have a headless application that I want to deploy on an edge device within a Kubernetes cluster. My idea was to containerize the application and deploy via a docker container. My application is a .exe file. My first idea was to pull a windows image as a base image and build an image around it that has my application in it, however I did not succeed. Is there any other possibility that you suggest?

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What’s your target? A Linux device or a Windows machine?

Note that a container is not a VM, so you can’t simply run a windows .exe on Linux.

I am running a linux virtual machine. I use Ubuntu 22.04 and a x86_64 processor.
I tried to pull the Windows IoT Core base image (docker pull which has a tag for linux and for x86_64. However I get the error message: no matchin manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries.