Containerize an EXE file, and Run it

Hello guys.
I am trying deploy a desktop application that has a .exe at the end.
this app, when clicked-run an application.

I need help.
Can someone help me containerize an exe file that I can run, while its in its container on the Dockor Hub.
I want to run this application on Docker instead of letting people have it…due to security reasons.

Hi Eddie, it sounds like maybe there are some concepts confused here. You can put an exe file in an image but the image is just stored on disk until it’s run as a container on a host machine somewhere (e.g. your local machine, or a machine in the cloud).

Docker Hub doesn’t run any cloud services to run containers, it just builds and stores images.

If you want people to run the exe file locally they will all need docker installed on their local machine and they will need a command line to run the image. (e.g. docker run yourimage)

If you give more details about what sort of thing this exe file does I might be able to give more pointers.

Quick question for clarification: Does your desktop app provide a user interface? If yes, then Docker may not be the correct tool for the job. You may want to look at some other technology such as Application Virtualisation…