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Core dump in container

(Playbox21) #1


Our app is generating core dump files in the docker container. What is the best tool/way to debug and look inside of those files? How can I get the files down to my local machine to look inside those files?


(Werner Dijkerman) #2

Make use of a volume or host mount when you start the container. Then when a core dump is created move it to the volume/host mount and then analyse it from the host.

(Pinkpanther2) #3

Is there a way to configure the container to generate cores in the dedicated volume/host mount ?
or should I write a script that scans periodically the working dir and move the cores when it finds it


(Werner Dijkerman) #4

Not the container, but I would say the app can be configured to where to place the core dump.

(Pinkpanther2) #5

Yes, you’re right.
I’ve found to configure the core location:

(Zerodefect) #6

I appreciate this is a few months old.

Can I confirm that you configured the core pattern in the container only?