Docker is best on CentOS or Ubuntu?

We’ve been running docker on CentOS, and have been considering switching to Ubuntu.

However, I cannot find anything (blogs, GH issues, etc) which definitively states whether Docker is better on CentOS or Ubuntu.

By “better”, I mean better performance, stability, less OS-specific bugs, etc.

Any help is appreciated (opinions, links, documentation, etc).

CentOS 6’s kernel is too old to usefully run Docker, even the old versions where it’s nominally supported. Some official CentOS kernels broke Docker when we were still actively using it.

CentOS 7 works fine, but if you use docker run -v to share host content with containers, you will forever be fighting with SELinux.

Ubuntu 16.04 works fine.

Beyond the SELinux bit and host-system firewall concerns, I haven’t noticed any significant differences between CentOS and Ubuntu. Taking our Docker-based system that ran on CentOS 7, it ran almost unmodified on Ubuntu. (All of the differences were getting prerequisite packages installed, filesystem partitioning, that sort of thing; the “launch a dozen containers in order” automation worked fine.)

Hello, Jonathan.

Please check out my blog post on why I switched from running Docker on CentOS to Ubuntu.




These are old issues.
Currently anybody facing any issue on Centos7.
So now which os is better Centos or Ubuntu.

Did you get some insights about which one is better ? I am also in the same dilemma