CPU time hard limit reached

Each time I start my function and it’s parsing a long json data which can be found at the below URL

But after parsing few JSONs my function always terminates saying

CPU time hard limit reached. isolate: 679dc7ea-4310-4be6-b43f-cf81d6dde1e9
failed to send request to user worker: request has been cancelled by supervisor
user worker failed to respond: request has been cancelled by supervisor
WorkerRequestCancelled: request has been cancelled by supervisor
    at async Promise.allSettled (index 1)
    at async UserWorker.fetch (ext:sb_user_workers/user_workers.js:76:21)
    at async Server.<anonymous> (file:///home/deno/main/index.ts:146:12)
    at async #respond (https://deno.land/std@0.182.0/http/server.ts:220:18) {
  name: "WorkerRequestCancelled"

Any suggestions of what should I do, Any help will be really helpful.

Since it says the request was cancalled by supervisor, it could mean your container runs supervisord as process manager and that limits the CPU usage. But is might be something else, not supervisord. It is hard to tell without you sharing what image you use. Maybe this one:

Maybe similar: Exceeds CPU time limit only on first few accesses · Issue #95 · denoland/deploy_feedback · GitHub

It doesn’t really seem related to Docker Desktop.