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Create docker image from artifactory

(Drm509) #1

I have Artifactory, Docker, and Puppet. Is there a way to create a docker image from a jar file (or other binaries) from Artifactory? I haven’t been able to find any examples of this anywhere.
Some documentation or external links or instructions how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


(Baruch Sadogursky) #2

Artifactory does not build Docker images. Although this functionality could be handy, it’s just not what a Binary Repository Manager does. That’s a CI server’s job. Artifactory is about state of the art managing the images (as, for example it manages jars and other binaries), and that’s a lot of work by itself (e.g. thing about complex A&A, locality, availability, promotions, supporting for every type of binaries you might need, etc.)

My recommendation would be using the right tool for the job, building the images in a CI server and managing them in the binary repository.

Here is an article on Artifactory Docker integration.

I am with JFrog, the company behind Bintray and Artifactory.

(Jerry Baker) #3

@jbaruch - Thanks for your input. - Interesting Article!


(Drm509) #4


Can I use TeamCity to create docker images from github code (basically pull github code into some docker image) and then have TeamCity send the image to Artifactory.
Is Docker registry (the dashboard for docker) a CI server? I see it can pull from git and build docker images then it publishes somewhere.

Looking at this link that shows integrating artifactory w TeamCity:

(Baruch Sadogursky) #5

Using TeamCity for building images from GitHub code and then publishing them to Artifactory that’s the perfect way to go. Hopefully I’ll be able to point you to a Gradle build example that does exactly that. Stay tuned :smile: