Creating docker image for TAK Server [linux centOS] on windows Docker Desktop volume issue

I am trying to add a volume for database persistence. I am running Docker Desktop on Windows 10 and building a Linux docker with PowerShell but I can’t seem to get this run command to run:

docker run -d -v $(pwd)\[directory to be created]:[linux file location]:z -it -p [port host]:[port container] --network [network-name]“$(Get-Content $pwd[file])” --network-alias [database name] --name [database name]-“$(Get-Content $pwd[file location])” [databasename]:“$(Get-Content $pwd[file location])”

all the file location information is working properly to my knowledge becuase it has passed effectively with other commands. it seams to only be a volume issue and I dont understand enough of what the [folder on host?] : [folder on container. ?]… : [unknown ?] is. does anyone have experiace

I am wondering if it is the need to be built on a CentOS host vrs windows 10.

thanks in advance