Creating own windows parent image

Hi All,

I have a question regarding docker images. Every time I need to download the docker images from the docker hub repository.

Is it possible to create own base image (I.e parent image) using the windows 2016 ISO file?

I am also trying to work this out, and I have an extremely good reason for it.

I’m trying to set up a TFS build agent inside a docker package. I actually have this working using a GMSA account.

The problem is the build tools. We need to install Visual Studio inside a container, and then a bunch of extensions in order to compile certain types of solutions. The VSIX installer doesn’t work on Server Core because the .Net Native runtimes can’t be registered without a full Desktop environment.

Therefore, I need a Non-Server-Core parent image. Either building it myself, or inside the official repo.

Well, if anyone else is running into this, the official statement from Microsoft on how to get build extensions into a Server Core machine is to extract the contents of a *.vsix package, manually copy it in and cross your fingers.

This is why we need a Non-Windows-Core option, or a “snapshot machine to base-image” functionality.