Credit card refused


I am trying to use a credit card to pay for Docker Team, but the payment is being rejected with:

“Sorry, an error occurred. We couldn’t capture provided card: your card was declined.; code: card_declined; request-id: req_.”

This card is being used to pay for other IT services and is known good.

Can you (Docker) help?

Hi. That seems weird. I’m looking into it on our side. In the meantime, would you mind submitting a ticket here: Docker Support | Docker? Please use the “Open a new case” button. Thanks.

Maybe is your bank, for a website I am working for I have received many issues with certain credit cards OR if your account connected has high security standards (which is good), pretty much your bank is automatically declining anything that doesn’t recognize. You just need to call your bank and tell them to approve this particular vendor to charge you.

As I mentioned, the cases in which I have had this happening, have nothing to do with Docker, but still wanted to mention it in case is useful.