Curl localhost/ connection refused from Thingsboard Gateway(docker container) to Thingsboard Server(Win 10), anyone experienced this issue?

Host OS: Win10;
Application: Thingsboard Server(localhost)
Gateway Cloud setup: Thingsboard Gateway(Docker machine)
3rd Party application: MQTT(Ubuntu Server)

Kindly note that there’s a timeout between thingsboard server LOCALHOST and docker container when using traceroute to inspect the docker network bridge connectivity. I also used curl within the TB-Gateway container to connect to MQTT ubuntu server and I got status 200 but when bootstrapping with /thingsboard_gateway/config/MQTT.JSON connector I get connection failed. In addition, TB server config are sitting at /thingsboard_gateway/config/tb_gateway.yaml

Your help will be much valuable, Thank you ahead.

Additionally, Expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS on docker machine is not ticked and There’s administrative rights limitation in this setup, let me know if TLS and windows firewall could be a blocking these services connectivity.