Custom monitoring agent per node to monitor docker containers

Here are the requirements:

  1. A monitoring agent installed on N number of nodes each running M number of docker containers.
    i.e. agent installed per node which can be baremetal or a VM. Each node runs M number of containers.
  2. This agent needs to talk to all native docker containers on its node and update mothership server with certain data.

Any tips on how to achieve this.

This is basically what we do at CoScale. We run one extra container per node with our monitoring agent. The agent collects metrics from from every container a well as from applications running inside the containers. This data is then sent to our back-end analysis platform that can either be hosted (SaaS) or running on premises. The agent image is available on the Docker store and is Docker certified.

For more information, also check our Docker monitoring web page.

Have you tried Boatswain? it should fit what you needs.