Daemon Docker Workbench

We continue to have issues with cross OS/team support for standardised working environments for developers using the native Docker for Windows and Docker for MacOS. So we came up with an approach and a little utility to make standard old Docker Toolbox work really well for us.

The main benefits for our team boil down to:

  • project specific docker-compose configs that can be versioned and used by all developers on the team, regardless of OS or directory set up
  • elegant management of hosts/DNS and ports for applications
  • allow mobile, tablet and other network devices to easily access the containerised applications

We put together a tutorial here:

TLDR; conclusion…

Run as many apps you like simultaneously across your team; no PORT conflicts, no VOLUME adjustments, no mucking around. Any containerised web application that listens on port 80 should be able to work with the Daemon Docker Workbench.

The open source repo for docker-workbench is available here:

Enjoy! :whale: