Default machine missing config.json

I installed the Docker Beta for Windows with a default machine. I have been able to create images for ASP.NET Core to build run all microservices. I started to look at docker-machine due to swarm. I noticed if I ran the following command:
docker-machine ls

Users\user\docker\machine\machines\default\config.json: The system cannot find the file specified.

This happens for all commands passed to it.

Windows 10 x64
Docker version 1.12.0-rc4, build e4a0dbc, experimental
docker-machine.exe version 0.8.0-rc2, build 4ca1b85

I debated about resetting the default machine. Not sure if I will get the same issue.
Please let me if there is a possible solution.


I had the same problem. If you goto the Hyper-V manager - you should see the Moby machine in there and are able to control the settings from within Hyper-V manager.

Somebody else might be able to confirm this but I think docker-machine only works with the docker toolbox when VBox is installed.

Do you have more details on what you’d like to do? You can get started with swarm-mode by running docker swarm init.

As mentioned here, the Docker for Windows install is not visible from Docker Machine by design: Should MobyLinux appear in the results from "docker-machine ls"