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General Enquiries around Docker for Windows (Swarm, docker-machine and more)

(Agawish) #1

First I want to say that this is not a problem I’m facing, it is rather something I’m not quiet sure how to accomplish and I searched the forums without any luck.

  1. I was able to work with Docker for Windows after facing multiple problems like deserialization, DockerNAT not working properly and finally Docker is not able to access the internet and this forum helped me fix all these issues.

  2. I was able to access ports inside containers using http://docker:PORT

  3. I was able to create different machines using docker-machine but didn’t attempt to set the environment since I’m not quiet sure how to return the environments back!

My questions are:

  1. If we already have a machine which is the local machine, why it is not displayed using docker-machine ls?

  2. Why when we create a new machine with Hyper-V drive it tries to install boot2docker instead MobyLinuxVM, why and is there an option that can change that?

  3. Can I build local swarms with Docker on Windows, and how can I reset docker-machine environment back when I want?

PS: Sorry if some of the questions seems obvious or stupid.

(Michael Friis) #2

Great questions!

  1. The VM used with Docker for Windows is separate from the ones managed with docker-machine. Details here:
  1. No, those are separate

  2. For testing swarm, I’d recommend using docker-machine and the hyper-v driver

Docker-machine name - Docker for windows, what
(Agawish) #3

Thanks @friism for your answers.

Regarding your answer 3, if I’m using docker-machine for swarm and I want to return back to the MobyLinuxVM, how do I reset the environment variables (or I should just open a new powershell window!).


(Michael Friis) #4
Remove-Item Env:\DOCKER_HOST