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Deploy Container on Swarm from Gitlab CI/CD


I have a VM which runs a local Docker Hub (in a container), a Gitlab Runner (in a Container) and a Apache Spark Cluster orchestrate witch Docker Swarm.

So my plan is to create a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline, where i can deploy new Spark worker (as Container inside the Swarm) using a deploy stage in Gitlab CI/CD. Gitlab itself does not run on that same VM.

My problem is, i dont know how i get a Connection from the CI/CD to the Swarm. Even if they run on the same VM and use the same Docker Engine, i think i need to handle the Swarm cluster as a remote cluster.

I hope someone can give me a hint.

30 Seconds of googling return this result:

If you don’t like their suggestion, you can use docker context to make the docker cli client drive a remote docker api over tcp or ssh in your ci runner.