Deploying Docker Swarm AWS

Working on deploying a swarm in AWS. Linked my AWS account per documentation. Created a swarm in us-east. 3 managers and 5 workers. It starts and sits in a deploying state for about 30 min. No activity is noticed on the AWS side. It then just says “removed” with no logs or error. 3rd time trying.

Am about to create a swarm and then just use the “Bring your own swarm”

Anyone have any ideas on what is going on? I assume it is failing out somewhere but not sure where.

Same here. No idea where to start troubleshoot:(

You may have an existing VPC with What happened is the swarm beta uses the same range to create the swarm network. try to delete that vpc first. then the deployment will complete.

You may have a VPC with network What happen is swarm beta uses the same subnet to create the swarm VPC. Try to delete that, and the swarm creation will complete. This is what happened in my case.