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New network range aws-v1.13.0-rc1-beta11

(Wolfgangpfnuer) #1

Expected behavior

I expect to be able to include docker for AWS into my system without having to migrate databases and caches (drop in replacement).

Actual behavior

Since the IP-range is now the same as the default IP-range, I cannot create a VPC peering anymore. That means I cannot use the Databases and Caches anymore that are inside the default VPC. at least not through private networking. And I don’t want to either open up the databases to the world or configure the public IPs of my worker nodes into firewall… and going through public IP is also a lot more expensive traffic wise.

Expected Fix

Make it possible to choose the VPN and/or the IP-Range.
Why can’t docker just use the existing VPN?
Why can’t we decide on IP-Range during creation?

this would also make it possible to create a second swarm and migrate from swarm A to swarm B (for example when upgrade is impossible, like it is with beta11)