Did 2.4 change the locations of persistent docker files under WSL2?

I have been very concerned by my persistent files, under WSL, going missing* after upgrading to Docker Desktop 2.4 yesterday. But, thankfully, I just discovered that they seem to have moved from…




I don’t see any clear reference to this in the release notes, but perhaps I missed it.

It seems like a pretty significant change so curious if I am understanding this correctly. Has this change just been introduced?

  • I edit files from VS.Code through this path, which is how I noticed.

I wonder why you edit these files directly. These are the internals of Docker Desktop, me personally, I never touch them. In my opinion, the standard way to edit code is to place it in a folder in the local file system and to mount it into the container.

I agree with @tekki - it’s best to leave Docker’s internal files well alone. There shouldn’t be any need to interact with them directly, so you’re possibly doing something that has a better option.