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Latest update blew away my entire local kubernetes setup

All my local kubernetes services vanished after the upgrade. All the persistent volumes. All the database images. I presume the data is still there somewhere on my hard disk but… what a crock.

Okay, it’s a development environment. But still, at least a day’s work to rebuild.

This is really, really bad.

What is “the upgrade” (lots of moving parts here, so want to make sure I am clear on that).

I have absolutely no experience with Kubernetes, but on the off chance that this might lead in a helpful direction, the following might be of interest.

For months I have had a link pinned to my Quick Access list in Windows Explorer that took me to the following link, where my persisted WordPress files live.

I haven’t touched this at any point but yesterday discovered it is now broken link.

Rather strangely, I can manually drill down to that exact folder in Explorer, but the folder is empty, even though local WordPress sites remain operational. Confused the heck out of me!

It took me quite some time to discover this, but all my files are now under:

I have no idea when, whether or why this changed but might be worth checking of there is any overlap with your scenario.

Thanks for the response. Docker desktop for Windows proposed an upgrade to me, I am now on (48506) and I am running the WSL2 back-end. Reclaiming the actual files is not much of a priority unless I can convince Kubernetes to restore the whole shebang. I’m mortally sure that trying to restore the data back in to the various pod and deployment containers manually would be a nightmare. It’s only
a development system so rebuilding it from scratch is a monumental pain in the ass but not an existential crisis.

Thank you for your own response. I am also up to and upgraded yesterday. I can’t find any reference to the change of file locations I mentioned but I am curious to know if you happen to see a similar path to the docker-related files. Seems a really significant change to make, at least without any reference I can find on a quick glance, so curious to know if where / if you see files on your installation.

Hmm, I never explored the docker-desktop-data container. I don’t know where these files used to live, but I find the files for my lost mysql kubernetes service in \wsl$\docker-desktop-data\version-pack-data\community\k8s-pvs\data-dbservice-mysql-master-0\pvc-c843d9e4-add9-4d5d-8835-4f903dcd2199\data so it seems that you are probably correct that the two problems are related.

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