Difference between Docker EE, Docker CE and Docker

Docker installation guide contains three different ways of installing Docker. I want to know the exact difference between the three components - Docker EE (Enterprise Edition), Docker CE (Community Edition) and Docker (Custom Support)

Can we use SQLi with Docker CE Edition?

After reading the linked article, I feel that this response “answers” the question without giving any information that satisfies the question.

There’s a joke about how a guy in a balloon has drifted off-course and he yells down to a person on the ground, “where am I?” and the person replies, “in a balloon”. It’s a correct answer but it’s not helpful. The linked article is similarly only partially useful regarding the OP’s question, and I need the answer too.

How is Docker (as it appears in yum, etc.) different from Docker CE and Docker EE? And why aren’t there any articles online that satisfy that question with a real answer?


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The OS Docker packages are maintained by the OS vendor. They are compiled and self distributed forks of the open source docker sources, which may or may not be modified according their needs. The OS vendor is responsible for the support - if there is any. Documentation regarding installation and setup need to be covered by the OS vendor - as they are definitly not covered on the pages of Docker Inc.

The documentation of Docker Inc. only covers their distributions Docker CE and Docker EE in the installations and configuration sections. Most other topics and references should be (more or less) aplicable for other distributions as well.

Docker Inc does not provide a Docker CE package for every OS. For Enterprise Linux distribution like Suse or RHEL only Docker EE is available. On RHEL8 Redhat removed their Docker package and there is no Docker CE or Docker EE available either.

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Now THAT is an answer! Thank you!

This is not true anymore. The Docker Engine - Enterprise 19.03.5 is annouced to be compatible with RHEL8. The Compatiblity Matrix for Docker EE 3.0 does not cover it yet.