Need more info on difference between docker-ee docker-ce and docker (CS) engines

Recently, Docker has announced Docker-ee (Enterprise Edition) along with Docker-ce (Community Edition) and Docker (Commercial Support)

I want to understand :

  1. What happens to Organizations who are already shipping Docker images to customers. Which version of Docker engine should we suggest to customers who
    a) Dont want Docker Datacenter
    b) Want Docker Datacenter

  2. What is the Docker CS (Commercial Support) engine . is this the same engine as we were using before the new schema of enterprise/community was put in place?
    a) Will this be a paid support?
    b) Will this version of Docker engine be updated on par with the docker-ee?

  3. Is there any difference in performance of docker-ee, docker-ce and docker cs engines?

  4. For RHEL/CentOS host OS, why is the default storage driver been changed to “overlay” instead of “devicemapper”? (I have tried installing all the three docker engine versions, all of them have default “overlay” as the storage driver.)

The recent changes in the Docker offering have made it very confusing to choose from the correct docker engine options, the documentation also doesn’t convey the technical difference between the versions. I hope the responses here will help me better understand the current Docker offering.



Docker CE and EE are an evolution of the Docker Platforms. They were designed to meet the needs of developers, ops and enterprise IT teams. Docker CE and EE lets you install, upgrade, and maintain Docker with the support & assurances required for your particular workload regardless the operating system or cloud infrastructure you use.

Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for developers and small teams or beginners with Docker those looking for experimenting with container-based apps.

Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) is designed for enterprise development and IT teams who build, ship, and run business-critical applications in production and at scale.

Take a look at Docker CE & Docker EE for more information…