Display GUI when using Selenium From distant to local


I’m having trouble to display the GUI of a docker.

What I have :

  • A server running test case through Selenium ;
  • A docker-selenium standalone chrome running on my local

So on my distant server, I put the parameters of my docker-selenium (myip:4444) and then run the tests.

I can see that everything is executing through docker console but what I’d like to get is the graphic interface of the chrome running.

As I’m not sure what the problem is, I don’t know in which direction I should search.

Thanks a lot !

does the following command work for you?

docker run -e DISPLAY -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority --net=host YOUR_SELENIUM_IMAGE chrome_or_another_command-requiring_display


Sorry for late answer and thanks for your help.

I don’t really understand the

Should I run a random selenium command ? (which I don’t know…) ?

Anyway, I tried running the previous part and it just launch a Selenium instance as planned but no trace of any graphic container…

Is there any documentation somewhere on how I could reach to the graphic input coming from a container ?

Thanks a lot !

how to get basically graphical things with docker working: