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Docker not responding and not loading containers after sleeping windows 10

Docker is somethings not responding and then doesn’t load the containers after sleeping windows 10. Docker start better then the previous edge version. However every one or two days the only option is to uninstall and reinstall to start the containers. In the train this is not an option because it costs to much data and takes to long to start the db.Starting the db images takes half hour. I am running up-to-date version of Windows 10 1809.

May be it’s related to putting my laptop with Windows 10 in sleeping mode for short periods while hopping from one train to the other…

Does any one have a solution?

Yes, don’t put it to sleeping mode. :grinning:
You can change this behavior in the advanced settings of the energy saver mode. All these sleeping and hibernation modes are known to cause a myriad of problems. Especially if you have a SSD, to use them doesn’t make much sense.
Me personally, I even shut down the Hyper-V VM before I turn off my work pc and since I make this I never had any such problems with Docker Desktop.

Restarting windows makes it worse. Docker network is gone after rebooting. Why is the virtual network not saved and started afer rebooting?

Last week, first job of the day is to unistall docker, install docker, docker-compose down -v, docker-compose up -d (fails), docker-compose down -v, docker-compose up -d and then it works for the day.

I am running on Windows 10 with a i9, 32GB memory, 1TB ssd.

Sorry, I meant just keep it running (‘Do nothing’ when system lid is closed).

You probably know that Docker Desktop runs inside a Hyper-V VM. I’m not sure why the network doesn’t come back, but it could be a timing issue (devices in Hyper-V getting ready some seconds too late).
My workflow on Windows is always: Manually start Docker Desktop, docker-compose up. And at the end of the day: docker-compose down (not just ctrl-c) and Stop-VM on the Docker VM. I’ve no restart policy in the compose files. Before I made it like this I had a lot of problems similar to yours.
Seems in WSL2 (Windows 1903) we will be able to run Docker directly on Linux, maybe this will make things easier.