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Cannot start Docker for Windows since 2.5.0.n

Since upgrading to Docker for Windows 2.5.0.n, Docker fails to start. After about 10 minutes I see a red Docker system tray icon saying “Could not stop Docker” (or similar). I have been asking in different places (like */issues) seeing that others have the same problem. But no mentioning of a cure at all.

Can you please help me getting Docker back on my Windows machine? I saw that the Docker / 1 are stable releases.

Did you already un- and reinstall Docker Desktop?

Yes, I de-installed and re-installed 2.5.0.n versions. Without success.
Finally I went back to and everything is working fine again. It’s a pity I had to rebuild all images - but that’s ok now.
My suggestion is: when Docker is becoming so widely used, so important, how can a version not work on Windows? When looking at fora/issues-lists you see that many people have these kinds of problems with the new 2.5.0.n release. There is no fix after a week.
Yes, I still use Docker a lot, but will not upgrade just like that any more.