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Docker API reference docs site is getting 503 service unavailable

(Masumsoft) #1

(Bjorn Stromberg) #2

I’m having the same problem, it’s very hard to use docker when the documentation is giving 503 errors.

There’s nothing on indicating there is a maintenance window, nor is there any indication that they are aware of the problem.

(Bryce Ryan) #3

Please try a slight variation on your URL, i.e. This will redirect to a different page, where you can scroll down to the API version matrix at , and choose the version appropriate to your needs.

(Bjorn Stromberg) #4

@bryceryan I think you misunderstood the problem. the servers were giving 503 errors for many of the docs pages. It seems to be fixed now, but some kind of acknowledgement that there was a problem would be very helpful.