doesn't do anything on Mac, can't open

Hi, I can’t seem to get Docker to open on my Mac.

It’s a Macbook Pro, early 2015. MacOS High Sierra v10.13.3

I do not have docker or virtualbox already installed. I downloaded docker for mac from the website (stable channel). Followed instructions, and copied over to the Applications folder.

When I double-click the Docker icon in applications, nothing happens. I don’t see the docker icon show up anywhere. I don’t get any message or error. In the terminal, typing docker gives me “bash: docker: command not found”

Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I already tried re-installing, restarting. Also tried the edge channel version, but have the same problem.


Figured it out! Turns out I didn’t have Xcode installed on my mac. Removed docker, installed Xcode, and then re-installed docker. Everything works now.

I`m this problem but I have the XCODE installed!!!