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Docker Automated Build pending forever

Hi there,
I triggered some automated builds from github and the images are in pending state in dockerhub for over several hours.
Please refer:
[over 2h at this point]
[over 15h at this point]

I used ubuntu-20.04 as the base image for my dockerfile. Do I need to limit the packages in the dockerfile or something to speed up the build? Or are there some other issues with automated builds?


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Yes, I have the same issue on my side since this morning, the automated build is staying in the pending state for ever…

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Hey, thanks for notifying. My builds went through finally. Seems like they were queued in the pipeline forever so I guess just wait it out. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

yes, in fact it seems they got some issues on the automated-build process end of last week :slight_smile: