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Docker Beginner: Issues with WebPageTest images on Docker for Windows

So I’m very new to Docker (just started this morning) so there’s probably something “basic” that I’m missing here, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m following this guide and was able to correctly install and execute the webpagetest/server and webpagetest/agent , however it’s falling apart from there :slight_smile:

I AM able to navigate to my local port (localhost:4000) and get the “Webpagetest private instance” banner page; however it doesn’t seem to be working perfectly:

  1. The only Test Location listed is the Dulles, VA instance, which likely means that I’m not correctly indicating the local agent instance to the server and / or the server isn’t correctly detecting the localized agent

  2. The only Browser listed is “IE 8”, which is the browser on my current machine. Given that the docker webpagetest/agent container description states that Chrome should be available I’m thinking that this may have something to do with item #1 above.

Is anyone gracious enough to help a newbie out please?

EDIT: It appears that I need to edit the locations.ini file within the webpagetest/agent image itself but can’t figure out how to get inside the image to do so