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Docker can't pull from private registry

(Sanjay) #1

I have a private docker registry setup in Microsoft Azure and I am trying to push and pull docker images
,when I try to connect to that repository using docker login I get this error: FATA[0027] Error response from daemon: Invalid registry endpoint https://DNSname:8080/v1/: Get https://DNSname:8080/v1/_ping: dial tcp: i/o timeout.

Although the registry end point is correct, if I try to do curl “ping url” then I am getting proper response.

Also Since I am running my docker in a virtual machine, If I set it in NAT config. all works fine, but with bridge config. docker login commands goes into some timeout.

It seems to me that If it is in bridge config. then docker is not able to resolve that DNS name, although curl or wget are able to. But when I switch to NAT config. VM player’s DNS server handle all of Docker’s DNS requests (and proxying them onto the host’s name resolution) seems to avoid the issue.

But this is not the solution to the problem for me as I want to be in bridge config.
Any help will be appreciated.