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Docker for Windows Pull from Private Repository Fails Without FQDN


(Jbulcher) #1

OS: fresh installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Build.
Docker: Docker for Windows Version 1.12.0-stable (build: 5968)
Registry: latest Docker registry 2.5.0

I am attempting to use Docker for Windows for the first time. We have been using Docker with a private registry on Linux for some time, and everything is working smoothly in our environment.

Attempting to pull from our private registry, however, yields the following:

> docker pull registry:5000/repo/myapp:0.1.3
Error response from daemon: Get https://registry:5000/v1/_ping: dial tcp: lookup registry on server misbehaving

From the port (53) indicated in the error message, Docker appears to be failing to look up the registry’s IP in DNS. Using the the FQDN confirms my suspicion by giving me a different error (certificate is valid for registry, not registry.mydomain.local).

nslooup registry succeeds at the command line, and I’ve even set a fixed DNS server in Docker’s network settings.

How can I make this work without using a FQDN for the registry?

Edit: On a hunch I tried adding a manual entry to the hosts file, but that did not help.

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