Docker "com.docker.service" does not start

Hey there,

i have a little problem:
When I try to start my Docker for Windows - Instance it fails.
I figured out that the problem causes of the the Windows-Docker service that could not be started by windows. It always gets a timeout.
In my Setup the PC has a Network-Connection with no connection to the internet.
When I connect the computer to the internet temporarily (Editing FW-Rules) the service starts as normal.
After 2-3 days the error message appears again and the service is not able to start. (Timeout 1053).
Is there something in the Docker-Service, which tries to connect to the internet? Is it possible to switch it off? Maybe in the windows-deamon-options.json?

Any Ideas?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Error Message:
Service is not running
Docker service is not running, would you like to start it? Windows will ask you for elevated access.