Docker commands are not responsive - cannot kill dockerd


I’m also affected with the problem that all docker commands are not responsive any longer (ever docker --version) an must be aborted via CTRL+C. So I wanted to try the solution with shutting down the processes, deleting some files and restart.

However, once I killed all processes dockerd ist “magically” started again and spans the processes for the containers als well (docker-proxy). This way I cannot complete the steps above…

I already tried to disable dockerd and containerd services via systemctl but that doesn’t make any difference :frowning:

I’m on Debian bullsye 64 bit (latest patches) and my docker version is also up-to-date. It has been working for months now until I installed the DHCP-plugin and configurated it. After it worked for the first container I changed the docker-compose.yml-files for the others and restarted the docker service. Since then I’ve got the problem…

Has anybody a solution for this?

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How exactly did you install Docker? There are so many ways, it is very important to know “which Docker” we are talking about.