Docker commands with absolutely no response

Hi folks,

please help me somehow before I’m going insane!

idk what happened. But I guess it started all with a unsuccessful Mailcow update, but maybe before that.

However, no matter if it’s a simple “docker version” or “docker ps”… I’m not getting any output.

Some server info
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Kernel: 5.4.0-117-generic
Docker (ce, cli, etc.) : 20.10.17, currently testwise at 20.10.16 (via dockerd --version )

The service fails to start while reinstalling, but if I start it manually afterwards, everything looks fine.
Portainer runs smoothly as well…
dockerd --debug seems to be okay, too.

Any ideas?

Okay, just in case anyone encounters the same problem:

Dunno why, but I got a “docker” binary in /usr/local/bin/… After I renamed/deleted it and logged in again, I was able to use “docker” dommands just fine.