Docker-compose on mac is "failing" without indicating "why"

Hello all - I hope you can help me with a docker-compose problem.

First, I’ve been using docker-compose successfully for several months - compose files with numerous services, databases, etc. in them. I’m not an expert by any means - but I’m not new to compose either. I am however, somewhat new to the mac.

My problem is that I’ve got a docker-compose yml file with several services in it that I’m running on my mac. It works great for the 10 services I have configured in my yml file. However, when I add my 11th service to that yml file, things go sideways. The services stop responding to curl commands, there’s no activity seen in their log files, etc. I’m afraid that I’m not very good at diagnosing what exactly is going on within docker-compose process and its subprocesses.

Some facts. I’m running docker-compose version: docker-compose version 1.11.2, build dfed245
I’m running docker version: Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e

I’m running this all on a Mac OSX with 16 GB of memory. If you look at the docker “preferences” you can see that docker is “reserving” 8GB for the services. When I run the “Activity Monitor” app alongside my docker-compose process, I never see the com.docker.hyperkit memory usage go above 4GB - so I don’t think it is running out of memory. I also have (under docker preferences), 4 cpus “reserved” for docker.

Am I running out of CPUs? Running out of memory? Some cool docker or docker-compose tools that I can use to determine what is going wrong?

I’m at a loss as to how to proceed (short of not adding the 11th service to the compose file).