Docker container Error grabbing logs

Hi team, i was getting docker container error logs as

Error grabbing logs: invalid character 'l' after object key:value pair

How to resolve that.

What makes you think that single line of error message without any context, any shared command without knowing how it is related to Docker will help us to understand your issue? Just because something is running in a container it doesn’t mean the error message is caused by Docker. If you feel it is, you need to share more details.

Show how you started the container (command, compose file) and how you retrieve the logs.

@rimelek Thanks for the reply, I troubleshooted that container log files were corrupted. and increased log opt max size.

I am not sure that will help. I would expect that Traefik by default can handle the log files very well, independent of the max size set. So it’s probably another issue leading to your problem. Disk full, corrupt file system, etc.

Instead of setting it larger, I would rather set it smaller and also set the number of maximum files kept.

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Could be a bug. Here is another issue with the same error message: