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Docker container using Ubuntu 12.04 cannot run afs

(Sagarwalla) #1

I am trying to run build my application in a docker container based on Ubuntu 12.04 because it is supported only on this OS version and we want to make it simple to be used on other OS versions as well. Now building and running the application requires me to install AFS but for some reason when I try to install and then start AFS I get the following error.

Starting AFS services:FATAL: Error inserting openafs (/lib/modules/3.13.0-46-generic/updates/dkms/openafs.ko): Oper
ation not permitted
Failed to load AFS kernel module, not starting AFS

I tried a lot of things like installing the linux headers packages for the kernel version being used but no respite.

Any help would be highly appreciated

(Bertrand NOEL) #2

Default security policy forbids containers to load kernel modules, unless they are already loaded in the host.
Try loading AFS module in your host, and then in the container, and it should work
Or you could have a look into giving more privilege to the container.