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Docker containers not starting: 0xc0370105

Goodmorning everyone,

I’ve been working on a Docker project that was created by a collegue 2 years ago and has been lying around since. I’ve recently picked this up and continued where he left off. But for some reason I run into a lot of errors trying to run the containers. Most of them I have fixed and could get on to the next error, but now I have one that I can not fix and can’t find a lot about on google.

I’m running into this issue:
container a91b44768359f6780c00c6e32b7e44b0f43222848628a5652546ddcb88a6c56f encountered an error during hcsshim::System::CreateProcess: failure in a Windows system call: The requested virtual machine or container operation is not valid in the current state. (0xc0370105)

The function that is starting the containers:
function Docker-Run {
Build a part from the amt docker file
[String] The part’s name.


param (

$Part = $null
foreach ($PartTest in $Global:Settings.Docker.Parts.ChildNodes) {
    if ($PartTest.ImageName -eq $PartName) {
        $Part = $PartTest
if ($null -eq $Part) {
    Throw "Docker-Run: Part [$PartName] could not be found in the Docker.xml"
$Volume = ""
if ($Part.Volume -ne "") {
  $Volume = "-v " + $Part.Volume
$PortMapping = ""
if ($Part.PortMapping -ne "") {
  $PortMapping = "-p " + $Part.PortMapping
$DockerImageName = "$($global:ImageAccount)/$($Part.ImageName)".ToLowerInvariant() # 

Write-Host "docker run $DockerImageName"
Invoke-Expression "docker run $PortMapping -i -d --rm --name $($Part.RunName) $DockerImageName"


Yes I’m not using the $Volume, this was in the Invoke-Expression but also caused issues. It made the container exit.

Hope anyone can help me further.


Hey Maikel, I was wondering if you had managed to solve this issue? I am running into the same error when I try to run a Windows container with host devices as is shown in the Microsoft documentation:

I try to run:
docker run --isolation=process --device="class/86E0D1E0-8089-11D0-9CE4-08003E301F73"

as the example shows in the documentation (just mirroring the host’s OS as its required.) The container manages to start, but then it exits with the above error.

I’m having a similar issue, were you able to find a solution for your situations?