Docker deals with configuration management tool

I use puppet to manage configuration files like zabbix.
If i want to change value in the zabbix config file, i just do change the variable in my puppet modules and puppet update the server configuration every 30 minutes.

Actually, i wrote a Dockerfile for run an application.
This application is monitored by zabbix using local script to push metrics into the zabbix server.

My question is, how i can manage the zabbix configuration file ?
Redeploy all they containers to change the zabbix server ip or whatever is very disturbing.

More usually, how SysAdmin could change the OS configuration in the container without redeploy all containers ?
Do you have any best practice ? I could run puppet into the container but, it’s using two configuration management tools and it’s not the Docker vision.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If you really find re-baking and re-deploying the container not worth it, you could bind mount the file into the container using -v, and then scp the file to the server whenever you want to change it. Then you can either docker restart container or docker kill -s SIGHUP container depending on how the service reloads changed configuration.