Docker Desktop does not open on M1 Pro MacOS 13.0.1

I’ve tried the existing solutions related to this and it still does not open.

I am not sure what to share logs wise because locations like /Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/log/host/Docker.log are not populated. Directly after click open on the application nothing happens.

I checked if this was being blocked in Privacy & Security settings and nothing appears related to ‘are you sure you want to open something from this publisher?’.

This was after uninstalling a working prior version that was failing to install an automatic update. Should have stayed on that version :slight_smile:

Could you solve it? If not, may I recommend you to watch my video about reinstalling Docker Desktop on macOS?

Note that the video is two months old, so it will not show you an exact solution, only methods to find the removable files.

If you can’t reinstall the latest version after removing all of the old files and maybe rebooting after the reinstallation just to make sure every old service is stopped as well, then you can try install an older version to see if that works. If that does not help either, you can try to search for similar issues on GitHub

or report it as a new issue.

The troubleshooting page in the docs can help you too