Docker desktop failed to start behind corporate proxy (forefront TMG)

OS : Windows-10 Pro
docker Desktop: 4.17.0

I have installed docker desktop version 4.17.0. Its working properly with out any issue on home network, but when i connect to my office network in morning and try to run docker desktop it exists with error An unexpected error occurred. While connecting to home network i am not using any proxy setting or any proxy client however on office network we are using ForeFront TMG client with ntlm authentication for connecting to internet. I have tried by adding proxy setting.json file as well as on docker desktop GUI but nothing works. It starts working when i uninstall ForeFront TMG and add manual proxy address in windows proxy settings , but uninstall is not an option as it impact other connectivity with in organization`s network. Is there any way to work with TMG client. Any workaround about how to get it working? I have also tried with latest docker desktop version but same results. I have also attached docker logs if that can help.

provisioning docker WSL distros: setting main distro version: running WSL command “wsl.exe -d docker-desktop -u root -e wsl-bootstrap version set main-99724” failed with output “The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced.\r\r\n”: exit status 0xffffffff

Complete log file.