Put https://validate.docker.com/api: Forbidden

Expected behavior

Authenticate and start docker

Actual behavior

fails to go past authentication.


[11:04:24.232][Program ][Info ] Version 1.11.1-beta10 (build: 2446) [11:04:24.233][Program ][Info ] Starting on: 5/13/2016 11:04:24 AM [11:04:24.234][Program ][Info ] Resources: C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources [11:04:24.235][Program ][Info ] OS: Windows 10 Enterprise [11:04:24.235][Program ][Info ] Edition: Enterprise [11:04:24.235][Program ][Info ] Id: 1511 [11:04:24.235][Program ][Info ] Build: 10586 [11:04:24.236][Program ][Info ] BuildLabName: 10586.306.amd64fre.th2_release_sec.160422-1850 [11:04:24.237][Program ][Info ] Mixpanel Id: AA703C38-E60B-4F5D-ADED-0A76C9447174 [11:04:24.238][Program ][Info ] Sha1: 51937ce6b9f8f70c9a642f493d63db1521a4fb7d [11:04:24.238][Program ][Info ] You can send feedback, including this log file, at https://forums.docker.com/c/docker-for-windows [11:04:24.935][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: appLaunched [11:04:25.021][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: heartbeat [11:04:26.993][BackendServer ][Info ] Started [11:04:27.020][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation:[] [11:04:27.021][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Windows optional feature [11:04:27.024][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script... [11:04:43.919][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled [11:04:43.919][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation done. [11:04:43.921][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState:[] [11:04:43.921][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Service State [11:04:43.925][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Check True... [11:04:51.026][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running and responding [11:04:51.029][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running [11:04:51.029][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState done. [11:04:51.070][Authentication ][Info ] Checking token [11:04:51.213][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: installAskForToken [11:06:24.909][Notifications ][Error ] Error: Put https://validate.docker.com/api: Forbidde

Steps to reproduce the behavior

proxy settings are set under windows network & internet proxy setting

running as a local admin behind a corporate proxy.