Docker Desktop fails to start, Something went wrong creating "rootNode" subnodes:

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Build: 21H2, 19044.2364

When starting Docker Desktop I receive an error pane :

Something went wrong,
Creating “rootNode” subnodes: constructing “BackendServices” in “rootNode” doing migrations: migrating features.json: invalid character ‘\x00’ looking for beginning of value.


I’ve tried uninstalling through Window’s, “Add or Remove Programs” multiple times as well as deleting any Docker directories in Program Files or USER/AppData/Roaming accompanied by a reboot.


Solution found.

The directory C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.docker wasn’t being uninstalled and held by some process. I needed to reboot and immediately delete the directory then reinstall.


Thanks for posting. That was the solution in my case. Delete the AppData/Roaming/Docker greeted me with the Docker Desktop welcome screen.


Deleting this folder: AppData/Roaming/Docker helped me with the same issue. Thank you guys!!

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Just delete folder Docker from AppData/Roaming.

I also same issue. But when I look for docker folder in AppData/Roaming to delete it, I don’t see any.
I am on windows 11.

The folder is a hidden type by default. The quickest way to get to it is by opening a file explorer then typing %AppData% in the address bar.

Consider enabling hidden files for future.

This helped me today for the same message.