Docker desktop has stopped

  1. windows 10 pro 21h2 19044
  2. somebody said, that i should install wsl2 and i installed wsl2 ubuntu 20.04
  3. smb said that wslEngineEnabled should be true in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\docker\settings.json and it is
  4. docker is 4.9.1 (81317)
    Do you have any other advices (except installing linux in virtual box:))? Or maybe you can advice other stable version of docker?

In my head smb was Samba server. It took me some time to realize it was “somebody”. Please, write full words and sentences to make sure more users can understand you.

Just follow the official documentation to install Docker. If you did that, check it again if you missed anything. You can try to uninstall Docker desktop and remove all configuration files, then reinstall it.

There are many topics about Docker Desktop stopping or crashing
I recommend you to read and see if any of those can help. Since I don’t often use Windows, I can’t tell you a better solution and I would not repeat others comment from the rest of the topics :slight_smile:

You should also check the troubleshooting documentation