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Docker Desktop has to be started twice

I am working with Docker Desktop for Windows Version 3.3.3 (64133) and the WDL2 subsystem.

Since recently, when I start Docker Desktop, after a fresh start of my computer. The icon appears in the system tray as usual, but when moving the mouse over it in order to open its context menu, it disappears - a sign that the application stopped again. There is no process any more in the task manager related to Docker.

Only if I start Docker Desktop once more, then it boots up completely.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Just to add that when Docker is started for the second time, when it is ready it always again suggests to do the tutorial. No matter whether I follow through all of its steps or skip it, it will re-appear the next time. Also, the weekly tip shows up after that, although I the previous time I chose to not show weekly tips any more. It seems as if the storage of these settings gets lost everytime due to the double restart. And each time Docker Desktop really starts, it behaves as if it was started for the first time after a fresh installation.