Docker Desktop Installer stuck on "Using embedded package"

After downloading the installer, running it opens up the UAC. After allowing it, nothing happens. Running it through the command prompt shows that it hangs on “Using embedded package”.
For good measure I’ve tried re-downloading the installer, same results.

Install logs:

[18:50:19.840] [InstallHandler] No installation found
[18:50:20.120] [InstallHandler] Using embedded package

After this, nothing happens. When running through the cmd I can tell the installer doesn’t actually stop, it just hangs on that line until I kill it with ctrl+c.

System info:
Docker was never installed on this machine before.
Windows 10 Home edition 1903.
Virtualization is enabled on the bios (and task manager confirms this).
Intel i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB Ram

Docker Desktop System Requirements still list ‘Pro, Enterprise, or Education (Build 15063 or later)’, it will not run on Windows Home.

I’ve since noticed that, but I reinstalled windows on the machine and now the installer actually starts and gets far enough to tell me it can’t run on Home edition.
The fact it didn’t even start before I reinstalled was definitely a bug, even if it wouldn’t have gotten much further anyway.
Since I did the windows reinstall I won’t be able to reproduce the bug anymore (although there wasn’t much more information I could give), so I suppose there’s not much more to do here.
Thanks for the help regardless!