Docker Desktop is not starting in Windows 10 Enterprise

Hi there

I am having issues starting Docker Desktop in my windows 10 laptop. When I double click on the app, the message shows:

And when I click on “Start”, it shows “An Error Occurred”. How do I solve this?


  1. UAC is disabled on the laptop
  2. I do not have any administrator rights
  3. com.docker.service is not running

Then I am afraid you can’t install Docker Desktop

Permission requirements

While Docker Desktop on Windows can be run without having Administrator privileges, it does require them during installation.

Hi Rimelek

The Docker Desktop is installed using local admin “Run as Administrator”. The machine is domain joined and user(s) by default do not have any admin rights. Just wondering if is possible to allow user to run Docker Desktop as admin using GPO?

Domain admin privileges are not required, local admin is sufficient.

Have you checked if it makes a difference if Docker Desktop is started with “Run as administrator” as well?

I just quoted a small part from the documentation. Are you sure that all permission requirements are right in the mentioned documentation? Including the docker-users group so the non-admin user can access the named pipe? I don’t know what Windows would show in case of wrong group membership, but I know that on Linux (in case of Docker CE) you would see a question like this: “Is the docker daemon running?”