Docker Desktop on Linux Mint + VirtualBox timeout error


I am trying to install Docker Desktop v4.30.0 on Linux Mint 21.3 (base Ubuntu 22.04 jammy) on VirutalBox 7.0.18. This is being hosted on a Windows 11 home desktop. I realize there is Docker for Windows 11, but my use case requires me to use Linux.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. installed Docker Engine with the instructions here
  2. attempted Docker Desktop installation using the instructions here
  3. had issues with running modprobe kvm_intel, so I enabled virtualization on my BIOS
  4. enabled nested VT-x in VirtualBox using VBoxManage modifyvm <My VM Name> --nested-hw-virt on
  5. executed command bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off on Windows and then restarted the computer
  6. continued with Docker Desktop installation and everything seems to work, but now I receive the following error: running engine: waiting for the Docker API: context deadline exceeded

Please advise.

You are aware that Docker Desktop for Windows still runs Linux containers unless you switch to Windows containers, right? You could also access Docker from a WSL2 distribution if the WSL2 intergation is enabled in Docker Desktop settings, so if you have bash scripts you need to run on the client side, you could.

Otherwise, if you really want a Linux VM, install Docker CE, not Docker Desktop.

Why are you instaling both? You need either Docker Desktop or Docker CE, not both. You need only the Docker CE client but that is automatically installed by Docker Desktop. All you have to do is add the APT repository as described in the documentation.

Sorry, but I can’t help with Virtualbox

My use case is specifically to be able to use Astronomer (see here). One of the requirements for this software is for Windows to have Hyper-V enabled, which Windows 11 Home does not have. As a result, I’m forced to use Linux for this project. But this is not the main issue at hand.

In any case, since I’ve already installed Docker CE and tested out docker compose. At this point it seems like what I need is already set up, so I don’t need further assistance.

Thank you for your help!