Docker Desktop Pro on windows server failing WSL1/2 fails

Good day,

I have purchased Docker Pro and am trying to run it on my home server. windows server 2019.

However I read online that WSL 2 is not yet supported.

Docker starts up and then shortly after the daemon starts crashing.

Does windows server have to be a specific version?

Is there a specific version of docker Desktop I need to install?

Could anyone that have this worling please give me a step by step please.

Thank you kindly

I don’t now much about the Windows Server, but if you have a Windows Server, I think it would be easier to run a Virtual Machine with Linux inside it and run Docker in that Virtual machine on Linux. Docker Desktop can be useful on a workstation where you develop your application and you don’t want to or can’t run a virtual machine every time you want to run a container. The same is true for WSL2. It is a good alternative to VMs on a workstation, but I would not use it on a server. The Docker Desktop documentation says the first requirement is:

  1. Install Windows 10, version 1903 or higher or Windows 11.

It doesn’t mention Windows server.